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beta-Carotene: Richest Foods for Vegetarians (per 100g)

beta-Carotene is a major source of Vitamin A.
beta-Carotene also acts as an antioxydant.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per 100g)
Top beta-Carotene Rich Foods for Vegetarians
1708%40980µgchives, freeze-dried (100g)
1581%37944µgparsley, freeze-dried (100g)
1090%26162µgspices, paprika (100g)
910%21840µgspices, pepper, red or cyenne (100g)
811%19457µgdried dulse (100g)
625%15000µgchili powder (100g)
619%14844µgred hot chili pepper (100g)
480%11509µgsweet potato (100g)
394%9444µgboiled sweet potato (100g)
388%9303µgcarrot juice (100g)
347%8332µgboiled carrot (100g)
345%8285µgcarrot (100g)
341%8173µgboiled kale (100g)
302%7237µgfrozen spinach (100g)
290%6960µglambsquarters (100g)
289%6940µgcanned pumpkin (100g)
265%6348µgspices, spearmint, dried (100g)
262%6288µgspinach (100g)
247%5927µgkale (100g)
244%5854µgdandelion greens (100g)
237%5697µgfrozen peas and carrots (100g)
234%5626µgraw spinach (100g)
224%5380µgspices, parsley, dried (100g)
218%5226µglettuce (100g)
211%5054µgparsley, fresh (100g)
200%4806µgspices, marjoram, dried (100g)
200%4790µgcanned sweet potato (100g)
195%4688µgboiled lambsquarters (100g)
193%4632µgspices, dill weed, fresh (100g)
188%4513µgboiled collards (100g)
185%4443µglettuce, looseleaf, raw (100g)
177%4254µgcornsalad (lam's lettuce), raw (100g)
173%4150µgcress (100g)
164%3940µgboiled dandelion greens (100g)
164%3930µgcoriander (cilantro), raw (100g)
161%3858µgcanned spinach (100g)
156%3750µgfrozen kale (100g)
155%3708µgspices, bay leaf (100g)
152%3652µgswiss chard (100g)
147%3516µgspices, chervil, dried (100g)
147%3516µgspices, dill weed, dried (100g)
145%3485µgspices, sage, ground (100g)
131%3142µgspices, basil, fresh (100g)
130%3121µgdulse (100g)
129%3084µgspices, savory, ground (100g)
127%3048µgcanned mixed vegetables (100g)
127%3046µgfrozen mixed vegetables (100g)
125%2991µgcollards (100g)
119%2851µgspices, thyme, fresh (100g)
116%2790µgboiled cress (100g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top beta-Carotene Rich Foods for Vegetarians
967%23199µgcarrot juice (250ml)
527%12660µgsweet potato (110g)
374%8983µgcanned pumpkin (125ml)
295%7082µgboiled carrot (85g)
256%6151µgfrozen spinach (85g)
247%5916µglambsquarters (85g)
210%5038µgkale (85g)
160%3836µgboiled collards (85g)
159%3805µgdandelion greens (65g)
142%3397µglettuce (65g)
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